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Can you start over too many times?

So I've started about 7 starter projects this week and it's been an entire year since I said I was going to build this new site in public. Ha!

I keep thinking I have a hard time finishing things, but that's not really true. I'm learning new things every minute, which makes me want to do it right and start over again.

The point I guess I'm trying to make is what you learn helps change you. I am not what I make.

Human being, not human doing

Settling in for something new. Again.

Some being happening:

  • Writing down what's important to remember later
  • My family
  • Playing music

Some things I'm working on (in no particular order.)

  • Forming an opinion on TailwindCSS
  • An open source Eleventy Shopify Plugin which pulls in all your Shopify data (e.g. products, collections, pages, articles) to your static site
  • Creating a Shopify Theme for distribution in the Shopify Theme Store (in progress)

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