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Filling Your Gaps

Since I was a kid, I knew I would run my own business someday. My dad ran his own manufacturing business for 15 years, and I was always working in and around "The shop". It started in our basement and moved from there to different facilities and different levels of growth & expansion. We solved all kinds of problems through experimenting, and tooling around. One of the lessons I learned was that knowing my purpose helps me identify gaps in my knowledge and experience, and allows me to choose to work toward things that contribute to my life's purpose.

I think sometimes we can get caught in waiting. Waiting for someone else to define what it is we're supposed to be doing with our life. If you don't know your purpose, why not make moves in the general direction of where you think your purpose is headed. From there, you can determine from there if it feels right for your life—or better yet, it fills a gap for an even greater purpose than you know about right now.

Moving to a new safety zone is a little like learning to swim. It’s clearly better to have the ability to survive (and even have fun) in the water, but for a long time it’s not comfortable. Recognizing that the safety zone has moved might be the prompt you need to reevaluate your comfort zone. — The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

Don't just sit back—make moves. Fill gaps, visible and invisible, in your life's purpose. Maybe you're headed for something greater than you can ever imagine.


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