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How to make decisions

Determining who you want to become can be a very daunting task, especially when we work for other people. Everyone wants us to learn any new thing that pops up within our wheelhouse. Am I a designer? Developer? UX Designer? UI Designer? Manager? Joel Califa walks through what "full stack anxiety" is and how we can combat it.

The most valuable piece of advice I took from this talk was this:

Most of this stuff boils down to being more thoughtful and intentional. Don't just wing it. Your life/career in its entirety deserves the level of care you put into your projects. So put some time in, and design it.

He also gives these good bullet points to help focus on the long-term aspects of making decisions.

  1. Look at the big picture
  2. Create some structure
  3. Take the decision out of the moment
  4. Stop chasing trends
  5. Prioritize happiness

Watch the full video here.


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