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A mature look at my time with Fictive Kin

By responding to a tweet, meeting Cameron, and showing up, I had the opportunity to be an apprentice at Fictive Kin a few summers ago. The time I spent in Studiomates was invaluable and I am still learning lots of lessons from the short 3 months.

  1. Each project’s process should be unique. [Cookie cutters are for cookies]
  2. People want to see and hear you think. [But don’t just talk to talk, or think to think]
  3. The people around you are friends. [Treat them accordingly]
  4. Being around a community of collaboration is the best form of self-motivation. [Also when coupled with comparison, self-deprecation]
  5. When it becomes about money, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. [Why did you do this in the first place?]
  6. When people take risks on you, don’t let them down. [But you will and it’s okay]
  7. Brutally honest truth is the best. [And hardest to hear]

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