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Core values

Definition of my core values gives me a clear framework for decision-making and helps me build the future I see.

Education & innovation

Learning has always been a priority in my life. I believe that all experience, first or secondhand, academic or in the field, should be looked at as a learning experience. Without this perspective, I would run the risk of repeating the same mistakes of the past. Looking back at history helps me have vision for the future. One question I love to ask people is, "What are you learning right now?" If someone accepts their current circumstances without trying to make a change—that's entitlement—a clear anti-value of education.

Depth & distance

“For our lives to be works of art, we need to allow a lifetime of work.” —The Artisan Soul by Erwin Mcmanus

It’s easy to look at others’ success and think that it happened overnight, but true success requires putting in work when no one is watching and for no immediate recognition. I think that’s why I love reading so much—it’s so fundamental to dive deeper into any subject, but the application from reading may not come until years later. Asking the right questions and seeking the answers can be an easy way to create depth and inspire distance.

Risk & reward

Risk is sacrifice. In terms of building a creative life, purposeful sacrifice can usually result in a long term gain. I am willing to be vulnerable and transparent in order to have more in depth relationships. I tend to find myself constantly rethinking everything I do and why I do it. I know and am pursuing my purpose because I want to be an intentional person.